Tow Car Shield

The Tow Car Shield is a full coverage protection for your towed vehicle. Similar to a car bra, this towed car protection shields your towed vehicle. Unlike a simple bra, our Tow Car Shield protects your entire front end, from grill to window. Reduce or eliminate chips and cracks from rocks, scratches from dust and debris, mud and tar splatter, and other unwanted cosmetic side effects of towing.
The Tow Car Shield is proudly constructed from 100% Made in America materials.  The body fabric is 22 ounce car bra vinyl from Mississippi, and all of the webbing and mil-spec elastic is from mills located on the East Coast.  The thread we use is from Texas Thread.  All of the hard parts - steel and plastic - are also generated in the United States. 

Every make, model and body style has its own pattern, so please call or email us to check availability.
We have almost every pattern available, but may need extra time to find new patterns for current-year models or special editions.

Every Tow Car Shield comes with a 30 day trial period in which the owners can tow with it anywhere, without restrictions, in order to be sure that it is the right product for them.  If you are not happy with the Tow Car Shield, simply return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days. 

The Tow Car Shield is backed by the most generous 
lifetime warranty possible.  We will repair or replace any Tow Car Shield for any reason, no matter the cause of damage.  The warranty applies to the original owner only and car the purchase was intended for.

Each design is intended to be used on a specific body style only.  We do not approve of or encourage any cross-over use of this product.

Believe it or not, the Tow Car shield is machine washable.  Warm water and a little detergent.  Air dry. 

We have been able to keep the cost of the Tow Car Shield down by limiting the amount of advertising that we (you, the customer) have to pay for.  Our competition, the makers of those plastic boards that some people stick on tow bars, is expensive in comparison because those companies have to advertise all over the place and share the wealth with distribution companies and dealers and trade shows.  While on the subject of comparison: what exactly do those bulky plastic jobs protect anyway?  The grill, headlights, bumper (maybe) and part of the hood.  Big Deal.  One thing that they don't do is prevent diesel exhaust from spewing oily fuel and exhaust residue all over the front or your car and windshield.   

Consider this: A Honda CRV is about 70 inches wide and rides on the tow bar eight feet, and more, from the rear tires that are 102 inches wide. Now, if those tires kicked rocks backward in a straight line, the competition would have you covered.  But, rocks thrown backwards from the tires, just like a Chicago Cubs pitcher throws a baseball, go in all directions and zip past that plastic thing like a blast from a scatter-gun and smash your car.

What about those guards that dangle behind the rear axle on some rigs? Ask someone who has traveled on dirt or gravel roads a lot or, better still, Google the subject and enjoy some of the experiences of those unfortunate Gypsies who have traveled roads under construction out West  and had to drive over miles and miles and miles of road base. Tires deep in ruts and the towed car getting rocked solidly into the body shop because of the dangling thing kicking up rock chips like a chicken scratching on an Arkansas farm yard.

Contact us today if you have any questions, want a pattern check.
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If you would like a visual guide to help you install the Tow Car Shield, please download these files:

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